FoodPro FAQs

Opening FoodPro on a new account
  1. Double click the computer icon on your desktop
    • IF - you see a Network Location labled "P:" right-click and select disconnect
    • IF NOT - skip to step 3
  2. Click on the Start (Windows) Icon
  3. Type in "credential manager" in the search bar and select Credential Manager to run it
  4. Click on Add a Windows credential
  5. Enter the following:
    Internet or network address:
    User name: Type In Your FoodPro Username
    Password: Type In Your FoodPro Password
  6. Click OK to save these settings then close the Credential Manager
  7. Double click the computer icon on your desktop
  8. Click on Map network drive
  9. Click on the drop down for Drive. Select "P"
  10. In the Folder bar, type in "\\\foodpro"
  11. Make sure the "Reconnect at logon" is checked. Your screen should now be filled out like below.
  12. Click Finish and then the FoodPro network drive will popup. Close out of the screen and then double click the FoodPro icon on your desktop to begin working in FoodPro.
  13. If the Configure Session option pops up then click Cancel
  14. Open the Session menu in the uper left hand corner and click Open...
  15. Click and open the "" file
  16. It will then ask to save the changes. Do not save the changes. FoodPro will then open up.
  17. You have now completed the new account FoodPro setup. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact IT at or (520) 626-3252