Remote Kronos Access

Kronos VPN Install Instructions
  1. Click here to install the UA Campus VPN.
    Make SURE this works before you try the Kronos AnyConnect)
  2. After you have installed the UA VPN and successfully connected, disconnect and click here to connect to the Kronos Supervisors VPN
For more information about the UA VPN click here.
Java Versions For Kronos

Our current version of Kronos will only work properly with the following versions of Java.
Please remember you will need to remove all older versions of Java, the above is the latest officially supported version at this time. Click here for more information about uninstalling programs on your home computer.
Adobe Flash Player For Kronos

Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed and updated.
Browser For Kronos

Please make sure you are running Windows 7 or later on Windows PC's with up-to-date Internet Explorer 11 on PC's or the latest version of Apple OS X (10.7.5, Lion or later) with latest updates.
Windows PC User's - Internet Explorer 11
Mac User's - Make sure you have latest OS X and Apple Software Updates
For more information on campus licensing, visit The UA BookStores.
For help with getting the above software installed and up to date on your home computer please contact The 24/7 IT Support Center.
For help with computers which are property of the Student Unions, please submit a help request.